I love NOOKA. I’ve owned their Zen H model since 2010 and even though it sparked an interest in progressive, off-the-wall watch designs, it’s still pretty much the only watch I wear. When I started at Fab, that first thing I did was make sure our buyers were aware of the brand. Of course they were. It’s Fab after all. The second thing I did? See how much my employee discount was.

It always feels good to write about a brand you actually love, so I was totally pumped when I found out I’d be interviewing the insanely creative NOOKA founder and lead designer Matthew Waldman. Due to my (most likely unhealthy) infatuation with Waldman’s products, I decided to ask him to name me his top five current inspirations. Buckle your seatbelts and please keep all arms inside the blog post. This gets a little wild.

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