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Setting The Frette Standard

Frette has a legendary reputation for producing the finest linens in the world. They have notably graced the banquet halls of the Titanic and the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica. Every self-respecting luxury hotel proudly announces that they feature the company’s robes. So, can one set of fancy bedding really be that much better than the rest? How could I not investigate?


On the surface, the story seems legit. Shortly after the company’s founding in France in 1860, it relocated to Northern Italy for closer proximity to the finest mills, materials, and artisans. (“Frette” is pronounced the Italian way, with emphasis on the second e.) That’s some dedication to quality—and there’s no question that the sheets are sublime to the touch, or that the detailing is meticulous.


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Raise The Roost With Prevue Pet Products

Beautiful birds sure know how to make our hearts flutter. That’s why Fab is offering fun furnishings for your fine feathered friends with playgrounds and birdhouses from Prevue Pet ProductsWe went so cuckoo for the high-flying style that we started to think up more ways to incorporate these gorgeous wares into everyday life.

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Fine-Crafted Cuffs By May Furniture

In the world of May Furniture Co., jewelry and furniture go hand in hand. A trained woodworker and master craftsman, designer Travis James proves—with his signature wood cuffs—that jewelry doesn’t need gemstones or precious metal to glow. We chatted with Travis about his process, his design philosophy, and his vision for the future of May Furniture Co.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your design background?

My design background is built of a stew of mediums including photography, drawing, sculpture, furniture, and playing music. My personality is sort of obsessive and orderly. My color palate for furniture is muted colors and monochromatic. I like earthen objects at times, and other times I like the geometric appropriations of nature, as seen in many Asian designs. My design philosophy for my furniture is to create pieces with a quiet strength and a feeling of harmony.

How did May Furniture Co. come about?

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Studio City: MASHstudios’ Bernard Brucha Talks Shop


Based in Los Angeles, CA, MASHstudios prides itself on projects that push the creative envelope. Specializing in furniture design and manufacturing, the multidisciplinary design firm and initially got its start in a Venice Beach apartment in 2002. Today, it works with brands such as Kid Robot, Crate and Barrel, Alexis Bittar, AOL, and Microsoft.

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Meow That’s What I Call a Cat Perch: Francie & Hammy Review Akemi Tanaka

After much insistence by this interviewer, famous Fab cats Francie and Hammy graciously review the Curve Pet Bed by designer Akemi Tanaka, featured in tonight’s Pets Shop.


Francie, before we get started, would you please explain how you came to live in this apartment?

Francie: I’d be glad to. My human moms rescued me from a rooftop, oh gosh, years ago now. It was really by luck. I was kind of down and out, roaming around alleys. I stopped running with a street pack, but on my own I was feeling pretty low. I was also pregnant. Yeah, it was a really rough time for me. When I was up on the roof, thinking about my life, I happened to turn and caught a glimpse of two humans in their kitchen. And I just knew immediately that they were my people. So I meowed at them, nonstop, for three days. Late at night, when I thought all was lost, I heard a clanging against the roof. My moms bravely and heroically climbed up a rusty ladder to save me, and brought me home.

That’s an amazing story, Francie. Thank you for sharing. Now, Hammel, how about you?

Hammel: You can call me Hammy. Everybody does.

Thank you. Hammy?

Hammy: Well, Francie is my real mom. I was born in our human moms’ closet, next to a pile of shoes.

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