Fab In Real Life - Jeff Jordan Edition


We love to see design objects from Fab out and about in the world. (Plus, we’re also snoopy and like to check out other people’s spaces.)  So imagine our delight this morning when we came across this LinkedIn article about our friend and investor Jeff Jordan’s office. Jeff says: “As you can see, I love light and color. Almost all of the artwork and interesting knickknacks in my office came from Fab.com.”

Mr. Jordan will always have a special place in the hearts of Fab employees, because on the day that Andreessen Horowitz’s investment was announced, he bought the whole office an amazing barbecue lunch. And cake! Clearly, this man has great taste. 

Journey Through The EarthSeaWarrior Studio

Tonight, Fab’s Vintage Shop features a sale with one of our favorite creatives: The inimitable ursula manaf-pitt of EarthSeaWarrior. Our own Shirley Chan explores her universe.


Photo: Lauren Crew

While dinosaurs roamed the land and grinning skulls guarded a lamp graveyard, Fab sat down with ursula manaf-pitt, founder and designer of EarthSeaWarrior, to delve into the mysteries of her world. Rainbows shining from crystals and unicorn horns lit the way.

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