Okayplayer: Music, Fashion, and Lifestyle from Hip-Hop Tastemakers

Okayplayer makes its Fab debut today. We checked in with Vice President Ginny Suss to get some behind-the-scenes insight into this online music phenomenon.


When Rolling Stone deems your online music community “…an antidote to dull promotional Web sites used by most artists,” you just might be on to something. Especially when many hip-hop fans feel lost amongst the sensationalist tabloids and shameless e-commercials that dominate the genre’s web presence. Way back in 1999, Roots drummer and all-around musical virtuoso ?uestlove established Okayplayer—a place where fans of progressive hip-hop, indie, soul, jazz, or any other imaginable genre could go to discuss music and interact with artists. Denizens of this site (they’re called Okayplayers, or OKP’s for short) have helped to evolve this message board into a robust and far-reaching network of music and style taste-making. Factor in the Okay.store—its ever-expanding marketplace for designer apparel and artist merchandise—and it seems that this site has found the perfect niche between art and commerce.

We wanted to know more about the brains behind this successful venture and decided to catch up with Vice President Ginny Suss:

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