Give OnePiece A Chance

Last night, we debuted the Norwegian leisure wear label OnePiece on Fab. Its signature jumpsuits (think a fusion of pajamas and a sweat suit) have already become a smash success on Fab Europe, so we asked our friends in Berlin to share their  experiences with this controversial but oh-so-comfortable garment. Copywriter Alex Gwilliam reports. 



The Onesie. Not since parachute pants has an item of clothing proved so divisive. To some, it is the ultimate in leisure attire – a gift from the lounge gods sent to facilitate a life of comfort over conscience.

To others, it’s a giant babygrow; a symbol of inexcusable self-indulgence and refusal to grow up. But, hey, if you ask us, those haters probably need to learn to relax a little…

Whether you’re for onesies or against them (and, FYI, with our OnePiece sale we’re definitely in the pro camp), it’s important to lay down a few ground rules surrounding their ownership. Even we realize there has to be some self-control here, lest their popularity spill over into some kind of front-zippered, perma-sloth epidemic. So, as veteran OnePiece wearers, we give you our three golden rules: 

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