Reviews: Luna the Fashion Kitty on the pEi Pod

Hello everyPAWdy! I’m Luna the Fashion Kitty and today I’m doing a review of the pEi Pod bed. I got the bed as a purrsent from BradFURd from and I MEGALOVE IT fur reals!

I do like beds that are CLOSE to my level of cuteness! You can buy the pEi Pod in different colors fur match the décor of your house, or your eyes or your fur… Another super imPURRtant thing fur every kitty is to be comFURtable, and the pad on the pod is MEGACOMFY—and also 100% washable. So if you have a furchild with some purrblems (if you know what I mean), don’t worry because you can clean the whole thing in a blink. (Or if you have a clean freak momma like mine, she can super clean the bed very easily.) 

I’m a modern girl. I like cool stuffs in our home and the pEi Pod fur sure looks like a fine piece of art. And let’s face it: I look totally adorbsss in it. I can nap and nap and nap and nap the whole day in my pEi Pod. In another paw, the whole thing is made from recyclable stuffs and is nothing more fashionable than being green. I also like very much the possibility of make different pad covers. If your momma is the type that likes to be creative, the sky is the limit! And if you’re not lucky enough to be a kitty like me, don’t worry—pEi Pod doesn’t discriminate furchilds: you can be a doggie or a bunny or whatever and use the pEi Pod.

I have been thinking that this bed would make a very good hiding spot when child purrsons come to visit. My momma can put it on a corner and turn it around to face the wall so I can take my beauty nap in peace! I give this bed a HI 5, if you are a sophisticated girl you totally need the pEi Pod in your home. Lucky fur you it’s on sale right now!

—Luna the Fashion Kitty

Luna The Fashion Kitty x Bradford = PURRRFECTLY FAB.

It started innocently enough: a few months back, Jason received a photo of a cat in a box, and sent it around to the rest of the team. It got crazy pretty fast: people broke their personal “reply all” rules, someone started a Tumblr, and a new office obsession was born.

Her name is Luna The Fashion Kitty, and she’s, well, as close to purrrfection as humanly petly possible. We sent her a Pei Pod. She sent us photos. And coffee cups. And lots more photos—Luna likes to “dress fur impress,” as she says. (Meows?) Bradford tried to fight the feeling (he said he wasn’t a cat person), but in the end, he fell head over paws in love with Luna, and she with him. A match made in Fab heaven. 

We’re sure you know this already, but today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day—and Luna had a few for her new purrrtner Bradford. Happy NAYCQ, everyone!

"OMG i’m not sure what photo to use! Maybe the feather dress i wore last Caturday??" 

Bradford, you are clearly MEGAFAB.COM. When you knew that it was your mission to help the rest of the purrsons that weren’t born with style at all?

As a young boy, I would dress in lemon-colored blazers and Ray Bans and line my walls with rock posters. So, basically, I was born this way. I’ve always pushed color on people, friends, family. Now I am pushing color on more people, but nothing’s changed. I was put on this earth to be colorful. 

All my fans want to know if by any chance you are a sperm donor?!?

That is something we have NOT sold on Fab. Yet!

How on Earth do you control yourself fur not shop 24/7 living in NYC?

I shop too much. Thankfully, my job is to shop! How PURRFECT is that? It’s not just NYC, either: I have been traveling the world, from India to Germany, finding great things for Fab.

From all the places that you have visited, where do you think I would look more pretty fur a photo shoot?

I think you’re made for Paris, Luna! You’d be a Purresian hit in a beret, on top of the Eiffel Tower!

It is the end of the world and you have to save one Diva. Which one would you save, and why?

Oh God. I love Cyndi Lauper, she’s my first choice. But the more I think about it, Madonna deserves to be saved. Perhaps my mother? No, no, no—I would save you, Luna. You’ve inspired more people than anyone else on my list!

I know you are a proud shopaholic like me, so I want to know if you want to be my purrsonal shopper.

Yes! Whenever I find fab pet designs, I always think of my #1 muse—you!

Your apartment is TO DIE FUR. What’s your favorite piece?

My purrrple sofa.

Bradford, I know you love tattoos. Would you consider to have my super cute face on you?

Yes. But where, Luna? Your face would be adorable on my bicep, don’t you think?

Let’s face it: you are a total egocentric like me. How many paintings of yourself do you have?

Too many to count!

Fur sure you a superpawsome resumé. What is the thing you are most proud of?

Building Fab. Falling in love. Making my parents proud. And making people smile.