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One Editor, One Cardboard Robot Mask, Infinite Possibilities


You know how people always say, “I remember exactly where I was when [insert momentous occasion here] happened”? I can say the same for when I found out that Fab was going to be doing a special Daft Punk album launch sale. I was talking to my friend David, the buyer for Books & Media at Fab, and I said, “Hey, have you heard the teaser on that new Daft Punk single? So good.” And he said, “Yeah. We’re doing an album event with them,” and grinned. I felt like I was in that moment in The Sound of Music when Maria Von Trapp is on top of the mountain and starts spinning around in circles. I would have replicated that move, but ultimately I lack the effortless grace and lightness of Julie Andrews.

I sat at my desk and immediately g-chatted my co-worker Aja, who responded with the following:



She was right. It was exciting news.

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Okayplayer: Music, Fashion, and Lifestyle from Hip-Hop Tastemakers

Okayplayer makes its Fab debut today. We checked in with Vice President Ginny Suss to get some behind-the-scenes insight into this online music phenomenon.


When Rolling Stone deems your online music community “…an antidote to dull promotional Web sites used by most artists,” you just might be on to something. Especially when many hip-hop fans feel lost amongst the sensationalist tabloids and shameless e-commercials that dominate the genre’s web presence. Way back in 1999, Roots drummer and all-around musical virtuoso ?uestlove established Okayplayer—a place where fans of progressive hip-hop, indie, soul, jazz, or any other imaginable genre could go to discuss music and interact with artists. Denizens of this site (they’re called Okayplayers, or OKP’s for short) have helped to evolve this message board into a robust and far-reaching network of music and style taste-making. Factor in the—its ever-expanding marketplace for designer apparel and artist merchandise—and it seems that this site has found the perfect niche between art and commerce.

We wanted to know more about the brains behind this successful venture and decided to catch up with Vice President Ginny Suss:

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From Emmy Rossum With Love


We’re super-excited about Fiona Gallagher, oops, Emmy Rossum’s special sale with us!  We’re featuring her lovely new album, and she has curated a selection of her favorite Fab items. She also wrote this note to tell us more about her picks. 

Hi there! 

I hope you like my Fab picks. These are all items I love and have hand selected. From vintage feeling necklaces (love the mini camera pendant!) to fun things for your kitchen (a sculpture of spices and delicious drink syrups in pretty bottles), these are all items that fit perfectly in my home and my life. There’s a sweet tote that reminds me of New York, cute T-shirts to run around and do errands in, and cool brooches to dress up a sweater or wear on the red carpet as a hair ornament. And there’s even heart-shaped cookware that’s sure to please the object of your affection on Valentine’s Day! The butterfly globe adds a light and airy touch to home decor, and makes thinking about travel that much more fun. Be sure to check out the fun cocktail shaker, which will be put to use making retro cocktails at your next dinner party. You can even turn on Sentimental Journey while you’re entertaining your guests! 



Want a little more Emmy Rossum in your life? To get her curated Fab picks and new album, check out her special Fab sale.

The Best Jams of 2012 (According to Some Guy at Fab)

One Fab guy’s picks from 2012 and beyond … pretty persuasive, don’t you think? Read on for a serious selection of tunes from this year!

So, I’ve created year-end music lists for as long as I can remember. Sharing mix tapes,YouTube links, download cards, CDs, and all that with friends, peers, etc. So I figured: I have to keep the tradition going with my newfound Fab family!

There really isn’t a ranking except for my favorite record of the year—the first record on this list, which is….



I could listen to this record once a day (which I nearly have) and not get sick of it. Sub Pop (home of Nirvana, Band of Horses, The Shins) is still killin’ it with at least two to three must-listen records every year. Set’em up John, we’ll knock em down. Fun note: former member of Fleet Foxes!

Stand Out Tracks - ALL OF THEM.



It’s not likely that this will be a fan favorite with everyone, but I think it’s probably one of the most solid heavy-rock records of this year. Baroness are in the same vein of, say, Deftones or Mastadonexcept a bit more subtle and more intelligent. It’s a concept record: I don’t want to pin this as a “Metal” record, because this is more subtle than a Mastadon record and not as angsty as a Deftones record. It’s a solid spin and a good workout record if you are into something harder hitting when you run.

Stand Out Tracks - Take My Bones Away, Little Things, Board Up The House



I’m not going to lie: The electronic scene isn’t my area of expertise. I allow my more knowledgable friends to tell me when I should really give a record like this a spin. In all cases, for those who are fans of Twin Shadow, Toro Y Moi, Ariel Pink (PITCHFORK BAND DROP), this one stood out as one I could keep coming back to.

Stand Out Tracks - Her Fantasy, Earthforms, Get the Rhyme Right



This was the last record I got to work on from my old label (Partisan Records) I was really excited about. Think if you took the Kinks song “Sunny Afternoon” and added the propensity to jam like The Grateful Dead, and keyed in some flute solos (YUP) and that’s a pretty good idea as to what this record is into. Not that I endorse/oppose any sort of medicated relaxation techniques, but this is a good one to um, chill to.

Stand Out Tracks - International Hair, Gone, Flashlight



This is the second Sub Pop record on the list and the one that leans way more into the Nirvana spectrum than something like the Shins spectrum of Father John Misty. I love a good punk record, and this is exactly what you should look for in a punk rock record. Short, fast, loud, and just an all out assault. Good jams, good times.

Stand Out Tracks - Get Off, Wet Blanket



Rob Crow, for a while there, was the equivalent of the indie rocker Ryan Adams. He wouldn’t stop writing music under different names and bands (my personal favorite moniker, his metal tribute: Goblin Cock), but Pinback has always been his mainstay and most successful project. They came back this year and dropped this gem and I had a hard time not going for it above the Father John Misty record…but there are still some sleepers on here worth skipping. If you’re a fan of technical guitar work (see: Built to Spill), this is right up your alley.

Stand Out Tracks - Glide, His Phase, Proceed to Memory

KENDRICK LAMAR - good kid, m.A.A.d city


I love a hip-hop record that tells a story. And while Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” is another great storytelling record for hip-hop this year, I found myself coming back to this one more often. The beats are slick (Dr. Dre) and the rhymes are very powerful, offensive and poetic. Everything that makes for a great record. I’m really excited to see what happens with this guy.

Stand Out Tracks - Poetic Justice, m.A.A.d city, The Art of Peer Pressure



Some idiot really blew it with Sharon, because she wrote a record that breaks your heart in all the right places, without having to sort out the details in your own relationships. The line in “Give Out” that really just nailed this one for me? “You’re the reason why I’ll move to the city, or why I’ll need to leave.” OOOOF. Many more lovely one-hitters in there as well.

Stand Out Tracks - Give Out, Serpents

I’ll end on two reissues:

TIM MAIA - The Existential Soul of Tim Maia (Nobody Can Live Forever)


Put out by David Byrne’s label, Luaka Bop, here is an excerpt about this Brazilian funk pioneer: “Standing just 5’7 (6′ with the Afro) Tim Maia was large, in charge and completely out of control. He was the personification of rock star excess, having lived through five marriages and at least six children, multiple prison sentences, voluminous drug habits and a stint in an UFO obsessed religious cult. Tim is also remembered as a fat, arrogant, overindulgent, barely tolerated, yet beloved man-child who died too young at the age of 55.”


And finally:



This was actually reissued in 2011, but they toured the US in 2012. This record came out in 1998, when a young and impressionable bunch of peoplemyself included—got their hands on it and were blown away on this record. However, the band went relatively unnoticed when it came out, as that impressionable bunch of kids more than likely couldn’t get into their 18+ shows at the time, nor did we have a proper means of seeing this live. That all changed this year, and I saw them the day after my birthday. I almost didn’t go to this show as it was the day after my birthday, and those can be challenging days like most 20-30 somethings. But that show blew my hangover out the door. This was single-handedly the best live show I saw all year, and one of the more memorable shows I have seen in the past five years. Odds are you have heard the opening to “New Noise” in ads, game-time amp music, or other avenues, but this collection of songs from Swedish anarchists is one of the most important records in my collection. Punk-vibes notwithstanding, if you are a fan of music at all, and can respect all the genres and styles, this is probably one of the loudest records of innovation that has ever been put to tape.

Stand Out Tracks - New Noise, The Shape of Punk To Come, The Deadly Rhythm,

And now…

Other Notable Musical Pieces in 2012

  • Neil Young’s biography and a new Crazy Horse record (See: Driftin’ Back, a 30 minute jam of an opening track. Keep on rocking Neil. Please.)
  • Dinosaur Jr. still killing it with their new record, I Bet On Sky
  • Tame Impala - Lonerism (See the Amazing for a “suggested listening”)
  • A band being able to sell millions of records in the first year of their new record coming out that isn’t Adele. Too bad it was Mumford & Sons….
  • Jeff the Brotherhood - Hypnotic Nights
  • Going to the first Jack White show at Radio City Music Hall was well on it’s way to be the best show I saw this year, then he melted down and stormed off stage, leaving this to be one of the worst things I saw this year.
  • Proudly stating I only watch Gangnam Style once.
  • Watching Gary Clark Jr. ring in the Obama re-election at Brooklyn Bowl
  • Watching and crying to the Townes Van Zandt documentary Be Here To Love Me for the umpteenth time. It’s one of the best music documentaries ever. So sad, so beautiful.

That’s all I got for now. Happy Listening y’all and share your favorite jams as well!

— David Ward