From Emmy Rossum With Love


We’re super-excited about Fiona Gallagher, oops, Emmy Rossum’s special sale with us!  We’re featuring her lovely new album, and she has curated a selection of her favorite Fab items. She also wrote this note to tell us more about her picks. 

Hi there! 

I hope you like my Fab picks. These are all items I love and have hand selected. From vintage feeling necklaces (love the mini camera pendant!) to fun things for your kitchen (a sculpture of spices and delicious drink syrups in pretty bottles), these are all items that fit perfectly in my home and my life. There’s a sweet tote that reminds me of New York, cute T-shirts to run around and do errands in, and cool brooches to dress up a sweater or wear on the red carpet as a hair ornament. And there’s even heart-shaped cookware that’s sure to please the object of your affection on Valentine’s Day! The butterfly globe adds a light and airy touch to home decor, and makes thinking about travel that much more fun. Be sure to check out the fun cocktail shaker, which will be put to use making retro cocktails at your next dinner party. You can even turn on Sentimental Journey while you’re entertaining your guests! 



Want a little more Emmy Rossum in your life? To get her curated Fab picks and new album, check out her special Fab sale.

For the Love of New York

After cutting his teeth shooting renowned architects (like Richard Meier, Philip Johnson, Daniel Libeskind, and nearly every Pritzker Prize winner), Manhattan-based Richard Schulman decided to incorporate their work with their portraits. “As I began that adventure,” he says, “I realized that I had a built-in studio to practice my technique and investigate my interest: New York City.” The resulting photographs interpret the powerful relationship between the past and present in a single façade. —Tiffany Jow for Richard Schulman’s Fab sale