So Long, Movember

It’s with a bit of sadness that we’ve seen the thirty days of follicle fury that was Movember come to a close here at our offices. Over the past month we had 16 Fab men (we lost a few along the way) and three Fab ladies go sans a shave to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research - over $1800 has been donated to Team Fab by friends, family, colleagues and perhaps complete strangers. And while everyone loves contributing to a good … no, great cause, this bit of contribution has been a little too much fun. We saw small preteen-style staches transform into stunning, smarmy beauties.  We saw stubble morph into neck-beards that Grizzly Adams would be proud of, and three sets of legs in this office are no longer smooth and quite a bit warmer.

But outside of all this fun, we’re proud to support such a meaningful cause. While prostate cancer receives attention, not nearly enough men take the time for a doctor’s visit. Enjoy the pictures, make jokes at our expense, but don’t forget why.  Prostate cancer is 100% treatable when caught in the early stages. Now get yourself checked!

No Shave November: Week Two

Last week at this time we told you about our efforts to raise money for men’s health issues by joining the Movember movement. Since then, the Fab team has gotten a lot hairier. While some had a head start, others are happily sporting a hirsute visage for the first time. Check out our progress, and don’t forget to visit our Movember site and donate!!