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Design Goes To The Dogs: Kevy K’s High-End Feeders

Kevy K. Designs produces pet feeders that unite haute design and doggy dining. Using materials like high-gloss acrylic, beautiful Carrara marble, and genuine onyx, these sophisticated receptacles are thoughtfully designed with added weight—so they don’t get pushed around—and a height proven to help facilitate proper digestion. That makes these feeders as functional as they are attractive, and we decided to ask a few questions of co-founder Kevin Thomas about breaking the fur ceiling when it comes to pet design.

Kevy K. Designs’ Ultra Pet Bowls

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Scarf Slings? More Like Life Preservers.

Do you or someone you know have access to a petite dog that you can’t put down? A dog that is so lovable and precious, you just want to snuggle with her longer than an average cuddle?

Don’t worry. I’ve been there too.


And when you find yourself in this situation, normal day-to-day activities become challenging. Simple things, like brushing your teeth, become awkward and cumbersome:



But that’s when the Scarf Sling from HEARTPUP comes to the rescue. Its simple, easy to wear design allows you to keep holding on to your pooch, but with free hands!


The dawn is breaking.

(Don’t worry: she’s having a great time.)

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Raise The Roost With Prevue Pet Products

Beautiful birds sure know how to make our hearts flutter. That’s why Fab is offering fun furnishings for your fine feathered friends with playgrounds and birdhouses from Prevue Pet ProductsWe went so cuckoo for the high-flying style that we started to think up more ways to incorporate these gorgeous wares into everyday life.

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Meow That’s What I Call a Cat Perch: Francie & Hammy Review Akemi Tanaka

After much insistence by this interviewer, famous Fab cats Francie and Hammy graciously review the Curve Pet Bed by designer Akemi Tanaka, featured in tonight’s Pets Shop.


Francie, before we get started, would you please explain how you came to live in this apartment?

Francie: I’d be glad to. My human moms rescued me from a rooftop, oh gosh, years ago now. It was really by luck. I was kind of down and out, roaming around alleys. I stopped running with a street pack, but on my own I was feeling pretty low. I was also pregnant. Yeah, it was a really rough time for me. When I was up on the roof, thinking about my life, I happened to turn and caught a glimpse of two humans in their kitchen. And I just knew immediately that they were my people. So I meowed at them, nonstop, for three days. Late at night, when I thought all was lost, I heard a clanging against the roof. My moms bravely and heroically climbed up a rusty ladder to save me, and brought me home.

That’s an amazing story, Francie. Thank you for sharing. Now, Hammel, how about you?

Hammel: You can call me Hammy. Everybody does.

Thank you. Hammy?

Hammy: Well, Francie is my real mom. I was born in our human moms’ closet, next to a pile of shoes.

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Gimme Me Shell-ter - One Pitbull’s Tale From Death Row To Dream Home

It’s Pets Thursday here at Fab and we’re celebrating with another story about one of our animal heroes. Fab copywriter Calla Salinger tells us about her precious pitbull Shelly. 


Here at Fab, we’re all about smiles. Lately my smile has been noticeably wider and brighter. You see, I’m a dog person. A pretty serious one: I have a running list of possible dog names stored in my phone. I watch Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls and Parolees” religiously. And yes, I am that weirdo who stands outside dog parks and peers longingly at playful pups.  

For years, I have been hounding my boyfriend for a dog. He is not a dog person—he’s a numbers guy. When I say puppy, he hears vet bills. We made a plan to put money aside, and wait for the right time to get a dog. And I was okay with it. That all changed one day in September.

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