Mission Impossible Project: Saving The Polaroid

Tonight on Fab we’re featuring a sale of refurbished Polaroid cameras and instant film kits, brought to you by a team of idealists who saved the fate of Polaroid film by rescuing the last Polaroid production plant. This is their story.


For as long we can remember, the Polaroid instant camera has been something of a cult favorite. Loved by everyone from artsy teenagers to creative luminaries such as Andy Warhol and Stefanie Shneider, the camera played a unique role because it provided something a regular analog camera couldn’t—instant gratification and the thrill of watching film develop in your hand. It also didn’t hurt that the soft, otherworldly glow that’s ever-present in Polaroid snapshots just so happens to make everyone look good (no Photoshop needed!), that the camera is ideal for events because you can quickly and easily create take-home keepsakes, or that the crisp white border on the photographs is just the right size for scribbling captions with a Sharpie marker. Naturally, we were heartbroken when we learned that the iconic camera was going under.

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For the Love of New York

After cutting his teeth shooting renowned architects (like Richard Meier, Philip Johnson, Daniel Libeskind, and nearly every Pritzker Prize winner), Manhattan-based Richard Schulman decided to incorporate their work with their portraits. “As I began that adventure,” he says, “I realized that I had a built-in studio to practice my technique and investigate my interest: New York City.” The resulting photographs interpret the powerful relationship between the past and present in a single façade. —Tiffany Jow for Richard Schulman’s Fab sale

Minimiam—which means Mini Yum—is the creative project from husband and wife team Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle, who met studying photography at the Arts Decoratifs school in Paris. Good Monday to you, Fab fans—and should you chance to eat a donut, take a closer look at what might be happening on its surface…

Toy Stories From Ryan Roberts

Worlds collide in the visual circus that is photographer Ryan Roberts’ work. Using vintage and contemporary toys, he creates tongue-in-cheek scenes that are sure to make you smile. See more of his prints on Fab today

Fight Club


The First Dinner

Super Market

Bigfoot Barbershop

Avon Nights