Welcome To LaLaLand

Artist and Fab favorite Kii Arens is a modern icon, whose work displays an unparalleled take on the world of crazy celebrity. Check out our selection of lithographic prints that celebrate (and lightly satirize) some of the world’s most iconic pop stars, on sale on Fab EU.


OK, so you were literally at Chateau Marmont, drinking Whisky Sours with someone who was literally an extra in the fourth season of The O.C. They’re really going places, y’know? You could see their name in lights if you could remember it. But then you started talking to some guy in a beanie and aviators who is totally going to give you your own show. You’re so La-La-Land.

Can we introduce you to Kii Arens? He’s the guy to know if you’re trying to make it big in the City Of Angels. He makes concert posters for the biggest names in rock and pop. Kii might live in La-La-Land but he’s anything but an airhead: his bold visuals are inspired by Pop Art and capture its inclusive irreverence. Color-soaked prints use suggestive yet abstract symbolism; others are more provocative and direct. I know, right. Those are some big words.


Grace gets the Kii Arens treatment (it’s even fiercer than her).

And Kii ain’t no coward, sticking to the fail-safe big blockbusters: in 2012, he collaborated with Mad In Berlin and Fab to release a series of prints and tees designed to raise awareness for the unjust imprisonment of Pussy Riot. His colorful, offbeat interpretations raised money for the women and their families. Take that, the Man.

Basically, babe: he’s a modern icon. We don’t like to use the word visionary too much because LA airheads thinks it means something to with colored contacts. But this man has got it. While the Bret Easton Ellises of the world satirize the superficiality of LA, Kii does something cleverer with the city: celebrating the bright, crash circus colours and the absurdity using playful metaphors to create something with depth. That’s Hollywood.

Get better acquainted with this modern icon and Fab friend here.

Phoebe Lockhurst