Gimme Me Shell-ter - One Pitbull’s Tale From Death Row To Dream Home

It’s Pets Thursday here at Fab and we’re celebrating with another story about one of our animal heroes. Fab copywriter Calla Salinger tells us about her precious pitbull Shelly. 


Here at Fab, we’re all about smiles. Lately my smile has been noticeably wider and brighter. You see, I’m a dog person. A pretty serious one: I have a running list of possible dog names stored in my phone. I watch Animal Planet’s “Pit Bulls and Parolees” religiously. And yes, I am that weirdo who stands outside dog parks and peers longingly at playful pups.  

For years, I have been hounding my boyfriend for a dog. He is not a dog person—he’s a numbers guy. When I say puppy, he hears vet bills. We made a plan to put money aside, and wait for the right time to get a dog. And I was okay with it. That all changed one day in September.

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