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Studio Visit: Verameat

One look at VERAMEAT’s fantastical creations and the mind begins to drift. Vampires, monsters, mummies and strange animals…The cast of characters in the world of Ukraine-born and Utah-raised designer Vera Balyura is odd but enticing, and her strange, striking pieces are oh so covetable. We had a visit with Vera at her flagship store in New York’s East Village recently and found it hard to tear ourselves away. Luckily, her latest sale is right here.

What sorts of things influence your designs?

Filmmakers, comic writers, musicians, artists of all kinds. One of my sisters is a casting agent and the other is in law school, so their different interests inspire me. Last year I had the privilege of meeting Ronald Lauder at the Neue Gallery, which holds Egon Schiele’s work—that was really inspiring.   

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