Getting Into The Rhythm With Scosche

It’s the Summer of Love at Fab, so let me talk about something I love: running! Don’t worry. I am not a superstar runner who will beleaguer you with stories of running up mountains and running for actual days. The truth is, I often don’t talk about running because most people who run are significantly better than me (the kind who run up mountains for days at a time, ahem) and sometimes they want to run with me, and I get crippling anxiety about running-judgment (it’s a thing). Here’s a little insight into my running life, so you know the journey you are about to go on:

Once when I was out for a run, a car pulled over on the side of the road and the driver asked if I was okay.

“Yes,” I said, winded and breathless.

“It’s just that your face is so red,” said the stranger, “I thought something was wrong.”

That’s right, ladies and gentleman. I have a face that stops traffic (because it looks like I’m dying).

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A Tale Of Two Blizzards: Netatmo’s Urban Weather System At Work


Netatmo, the world’s first app-enabled weather station for iPhone and iPad, is a powerful tool with an up-to-the-minute readout of the climate outside (and inside) your door. Now we’re not trying to push you to buy this little handy helper, we just want to tell you a story.

Picture, if you will, two identical people living in identical locations (yes, an alternate universe scenario is a bit heady for a blog post, but try indulge us here). One fellow had the good sense to equip his home with this invaluable weather forecasting system and the other did not. Let’s see what happened to Person A and Person B during last week’s blizzard.

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