The Modern Historic: A Vintage Getaway Collection

We New Yorkers are looking for an escape. Somewhere exotic, enchanting, and definitely somewhere warm. So we’re booking a trip with husband and wife team Kristen Lindholm and Nicholas Dewey’s The Modern Historic. A frequent Fab favorite on Vintage Mondays, the vintage purveyor of fashion and furnishings represents the best and boldest designs from the 1940s through 1960s. Tonight’s tropically tempting collection has been curated with resort vacations in mind, and being that they’re headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, they know a thing or two about fun in the sun. Tell us more Kristen…


What’s the history of The Modern Historic? 

We have always been collecting items from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Growing up on Long Island, I would travel into the New York City to go vintage clothing shopping at Antique Boutique, Andy’s Cheepies, and Screaming MiMi’s. Nick has collected records and vintage clothing since he was a teenager. We got together when we were both 20 years old and have been collecting ever since. We were always into 1950s-1960s era items and have refined our taste over time. We collected so much that at one point decided to start selling it and turn it into a business.

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Vintage Shop Spotlight: Mad Men edition!

We went a little totally mad for Mad Men in this week’s Vintage Shop because, like many of you, we’re so glad to have the world of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce back on our screens. The show’s pitch-perfect costume and set designs are seriously covet-worthy; whether your style is modern, conservative or classic, there are always gorgeous pieces to drool over. And now, as we saw in the season premiere, there’s finally more color, too—the mod dresses and bright jackets everyone wore to Don’s surprise birthday party were so fun! Zou bisou bisou…

It’s a new day at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. A plaid day.

The Modern Historic, a vintage studio based in West Palm Beach, has something for every man on the show—and the ones who want to dress like them: bow ties for Bert Cooper, plaid jackets for Pete Campbell, short-sleeved mock neck sweaters for Stan Rizzo and suave smoking jackets for the Don Drapers and Roger Sterlings out there. There’s even a Gentleman’s Cane, much like the one Harry gifts Don at the party. (Harry calls it a walking stick, but we loved Roger’s dry “Oh look, he got you a cane!” comment.) 

It’s happy hour somewhere!

This being Mad Men, of course, means it’s always time for cocktails. Modern Commissary's Bar Glass and Coaster Set is the perfect way to serve up scotch and sodas at your Sunday night watching parties, and their retro Ice Bucket can save you a trip to the kitchen—we know you don’t want to miss a thing! And if by chance you too have a secret identity, this Cavanders Cigarette Tin is a Dick Whitman-worthy stash spot that’s perfect for your version of Don’s dog tags and old letters.

Who collects Asian art? Hint: it’s not Roger.

Hard-core MM fans will know exactly who would have this marble Buddha Head from Ash in his office (hint: it’s the one who works sans shoes), but you don’t need to think too hard to figure out who’d appreciate these Venus Salt and Pepper Shakers most. And there’s probably no one in the SCDP office who could do without these Gold-Rimmed Highball Glasses and Bismarck Hotel ashtray. (Chicago’s famed Bismarck was just the kind of place Don Draper would’ve disappeared off to with yet another conquest, don’t you think?)

Required reading for Don Draper 101.

And while Steven Gabriel and Brock Honma’s Vintage Book Clocks were just books back then, there are some titles that should be required reading for Mad Men’s characters: The Man Inside and Conflict Within sound tailor-made for Don…and Striptease and Sextra Special for Roger. For Peggy and Joan there’s Super Women and You Can Change The World. For Megan, perhaps The Inconvenient Bride would be a good choice, and we can totally see Betty identifying with Jane Eyre. And for poor little Sally, who’s already made her share of Bloody Marys for her mom and dad—and who seems destined to lead a very different life than either parent—Boys and Girls Learning About Alcohol could be a big help.

The answer to Pete and Trudy’s new suburban blues.

But let’s get back to furniture. Now that Pete and Trudy are out in the ‘burbs, they’re missing city life and need to spice things up a bit. These Deco Parlor Chairs from Marzipan Mummy will do the trick. And speaking of Pete… He deftly maneuvered a new office for himself on the premiere episode (with windows, no less); now all he needs is a Tanker Desk like the ones from Twenty Gauge. Kasbah Mod has enough typewriters for the entire office, and The Divine Chair has what everyone wants: the Joan.

—Mariel Cruz