A few facts about David Rasmussen

  • He started making furniture in wood shop during his early teens, and put himself through college working in a furniture store. “Furniture gave me a lot of freedom. My outlet was wood.”
  • He briefly left the furniture industry to build public treehouses across America with Forever Young Treehouses, during which time he decided to become an architect. 
  • Before heading off to architecture school, David stopped in Colorado to visit a friend and ended up with a design project that eventually developed into an architecture job.
  • He returned to furniture after a few years, and built his studio, David Rasmussen Designs, which makes beautiful hand-hewn mixed-wood furniture and objects that have been celebrated by Interior Design magazine, the Aspen Sojourner and many others. 
  • A year ago, his shop burned down, and he rebuilt the whole business out of the ashes. “It’s changed a lot, for the better,” says David.
  • He can’t work without his sketchbook or a CNC router (“I just did a project for a church where I inlaid wood that would have been pretty impossible without the CNC…it’s unbelievable!”). David also counts the mountains among his working necessities. 

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