The Modern Historic: A Vintage Getaway Collection

We New Yorkers are looking for an escape. Somewhere exotic, enchanting, and definitely somewhere warm. So we’re booking a trip with husband and wife team Kristen Lindholm and Nicholas Dewey’s The Modern Historic. A frequent Fab favorite on Vintage Mondays, the vintage purveyor of fashion and furnishings represents the best and boldest designs from the 1940s through 1960s. Tonight’s tropically tempting collection has been curated with resort vacations in mind, and being that they’re headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, they know a thing or two about fun in the sun. Tell us more Kristen…


What’s the history of The Modern Historic? 

We have always been collecting items from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Growing up on Long Island, I would travel into the New York City to go vintage clothing shopping at Antique Boutique, Andy’s Cheepies, and Screaming MiMi’s. Nick has collected records and vintage clothing since he was a teenager. We got together when we were both 20 years old and have been collecting ever since. We were always into 1950s-1960s era items and have refined our taste over time. We collected so much that at one point decided to start selling it and turn it into a business.

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Men’s Getaway Must-Haves

So. About that holiday weekend, guys. Hopefully you’re taking full advantage of an extra day off and heading somewhere fabulous—and if you aren’t, you’re planning some summer getaway fun for later on in the season. Let Fab lend a hand with your packing list. Check out these versatile picks from our men’s shop you won’t want to leave home without!

A Structured Weekender

Whether you’re off to Nantucket for a few days, sampling sweet tea in the South or making it a Miami kind of weekend, this cotton canvas bag by Me & Arrow is a light, bright, grown-up alternative to your old college duffel. This durable carryall features leather accents and vintage materials, and the roomy interior makes packing a breeze. Added bonus: You will look awesome carrying it. Trust us.

A Versatile Pair of (Shorter) Shorts

It’s hot out there. And humid. And you have great legs. So why aren’t we seeing more of them? Is it because your shorts are too long? Probably. This overdyed pair from nüco will keep you cool, give us a look at those studly gams and do double-duty on the packing front: Pair them with a button-up for more sophisticated occasions or toss them on over your trunks at the beach. And speaking of swimsuits, you may need…

Show-Off Swim Trunks

Only the brave and confident need apply to this design, but this striped suit from Kyle King was worth all the extra time you spent at the gym this winter. Cut to the mid-thigh and featuring side pockets, these trunks also feature a supportive lining. Go ahead: Strut your stuff.

Transitional Footwear

We can’t emphasize it more: The key to packing for a few days away is versatility. This sleek wingtip from RYZ is geared just as much toward exploring around a new town as it is to an evening out.

The Perfect Button-Up

Wear it with jeans. Wear it with shorts. Wear it with your swim trunks. Wear it to dinner. Wear  on the plane or train, or whatever mode of transport is getting you to where you’re going. And when you get back from your long weekend away, refreshed and ready to tackle more quotidian tasks, wear this button-up from ONE90ONE to work. You’re welcome.