4 First-Class Tips

4 First-ClassTips

Upgrade your flight, upgrade your life.


By Rhea Kumar

Traveling first class, especially in this day and age, often seems like a dream of a distant future, ill afforded to us as we hustle our way up the corporate ladder. However, it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be that way. We don’t know about you, but when it comes to flying – we always make an attempt to get a free upgrade.

We’ve got a few tips up our sleeves that’ll be sure to win you some brownie points and compensated airfare—without the added spendage.


1. Be A First-Class Act

Befriend your flight attendants and/or gate agent. Basically anyone who works for an airline puts up with a lot of crap (hellooooo disgruntled travelers and in-flight turbulence). Being kind, especially during troubling times (i.e. summer=bummer), may prove beneficial when it comes to upgrading certain travelers.







2. Fly Loyally

Despite what you may have heard regarding airline policies and blackout dates, most airlines do recognize serial patronage, and offer premier selection when it’s time to fill empty seats in the next class up. Sometimes, it pays to play the game.


3. Dress To Impress

This sounds like a topic for debate, but while you may think that what matters is on the inside – dressing to impress is particularly valuable, especially when it comes to business class upgrades. Chances are, a crisp, clean, look, will beat out your weekend casuals any day of the week. Bonus: sleek carry-on luggage and a stellar bag will do a lot of this work for you.


Take a Jellybean carry-on…


…add a killer drippity-drop Shabd x Fab bucket bag…


…and top off your look with a raw silk infinity scarf. Boom! First class all the way. And even if it doesn’t work out this time, you’ll find yourself cozy and on fleek and ready for adventure wherever you land.

4. Play The Emotional Trump Card


Honeymooners: We’ve all seen this before, and oh, how I await the day that I’ll be able to use this particular tactic to finagle my way to an upgrade. Ever seen the episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon and make an attempt to get first class seats, only to be beat to the punch by another set of honeymooners? It totally works – just be sure to get there first.


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