Besties Before Testes

Fab’s 2017 Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Quick recap for those of you who don’t spend most days wishing Leslie Knope were real (and also maybe the president): Parks and Recreation’s perpetual optimism machine, Leslie Knope, invented a little holiday called Galentine’s Day, celebrating the power and beauty of female friendship every February 13th, the day before Valentine’s. “It’s like Lilith Fair minus the angst,” Knope said, “plus frittatas.”

If you’re looking forward to a day of ladies celebrating ladies, you don’t need to stress about bringing your besties some Knope-level gifts (e.g., a mosaic portrait made from the crushed cans of their favorite diet soda). Read on for five simple presents that tell the ladies in your life how rad they are.

float under


  • Float Under the Sun teeWe’d all like to spend our Galentine’s Day floating carefree in a pool, but things like “weather” and “responsibilities” keep us from living that dream on a Monday in February. Still, you or your best gal pal can channel your best life with the most laid back tee in town.


  • Poolside Lounge Set If you’re lucky enough to not be snow-bound this Feb. 13, by all means, hit the pool or the beach with your crew and soak up the sun! Meantime, no matter where you are, this trio of organic Surf Mud, Surf Mud Body Oil, and Sunset Oil makes a great gift for the beach-bum-at-heart in your life.
  • Identify Mug Listen, this one’s pretty straightforward: every single woman should identify as doughnut-sexual, at least on Galentine’s Day.


  • Boss Bitch Bracelet If anyone was going to out-celebrate Leslie Knope on Galentine’s Day, it would be Broad City’s Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler. No surprise then, that the Broad City x Fab collaboration produced an entire collection of literally perfect Galentine’s Day gifts. Still, if we had to pick just one, the boss bitch bracelet pretty much sums the whole holiday right on up.


  • Nip Slip + Male Tears It is, of course, 100% cool if your Galentine’s Day turns out to be a low-key, Knope-esque positivity marathon. That’s beautiful. But. If you get to that point in the celebration where you feel the need to maybe raise a middle finger or two at the body-shaming patriarchy, those middle fingers might as well be wearing male tears.

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