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Having fun and learning a thing or two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive experiences, but we understand if you’ve been less than thrilled by “educational toys” in the past. Our idea of a good educational toy is something that you want to engage with by yourself, but it should also make you wanna shout “Hey friend come enjoy this cool thing with me!”

We’ve got toys that engage your brain and are good for little tikes and adults alike. Go on and have a little fun, and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Playable ART Ball, by Beyond 123

playable art ball

Anyone with busy hands will love this colorful toy full of endless possibility. All 20 of the wooden balls are connected internally with an elastic cord, which keeps the whole thing together and means you don’t need to worry about the small pieces going from little hands to little mouths. If you’re more of a big kid, this little toy makes a great desktop distraction for when you need to give your eyes a break from the screen.

Cosmo Complete Set, by Huzi

Explore the farthest reaches of your mind and the galaxy with a complete set of cosmic components.

Made from wooden blocks imbedded with magnets, all the pieces to create rockets, satellites, and planets will be at your fingertips. Think outside this galaxy, though, and see what crazy spacecrafts you can conjure up.

What a Wonderful World, by Pirasta

world map

It’s acceptable for adults to enjoy coloring books?!?! Well color us tickled pink and pass the crayons, because we’ve got some lost time to make up. Pirasta takes the binding out of your color book and gives you a massive space in which to color. Put this giant map up on a wall and treat it like an ongoing project; fill it in here and there, then go fetch some knowledge on the country or region you’ve filled in after.

Los Taburetes Game, by MoMA

stcking stools

There’s a game out there—we’ll leave it to you to figure out the name—that dominates the conversation when it comes to family-fun-related stacking. It’s time another game gets its due, and this stool stacking game from MoMa presents a new challenge and a visual twist on the standard.

Water Garden Aquarium, by Back to the Roots

water garden

This water garden has been a Fab fave for some time now, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Observe a very small ecosystem up close, and benefit from growing your own plants and herbs. It will take a bit of effort to balance your ecosystem (pro tip, snails are your friend), but once find the harmony in your ecosystem you’ll be able to watch the plants and creatures work together to help one another thrive.

Galaxy IPA Beer Making Kit, by Brooklyn Brew Shop

beer making kit

This is definitely an adult educational toy, but if you’re drinking it anyway why not get your hands dirty and learn something before you catch your buzz? This particular kit comes with everything you’ll need to marvel at the wonders of fermentation while you craft your own IPA. You can let the kids help put it all together, but I’d leave them out of the taste test at the end.

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