Brews, by You.

At home w/ Brooklyn Brew Shop

Hey friends,

This is Stephanie from Fab! Last week, I stopped by the gorgeous NYC loft of the Brooklyn Brew crew. It was such a blast learning how simple it is to make beercheese, and my personal fave, sparkling wine, from the comfort of my pajamas home. And in case you hate taking notes, you can follow along with the videos below!

Erica and Stephen are passionate about making home brewing the new New York hobby. The formation of the Brooklyn Brew Shop is their amazing dream realized. No more pumps, fermenters, or barrels — just stylish, accessible kits that are perfect for small spaces.

First up, check out our tutorial on how to make fresh Italian mozzarella! It may be the longest of the three but the reward is soooo delicious. Cheesy, but true.

Here for the hops? Not sure what hops are? Either way, learn how to make your very own everyday IPA.

Big on bubbly? Oh man, me too. Make homemade sparkling wine your new party trick.

Happy Brewing!