Crescendo Vibes

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“Have some fun again.”

Of all the things we learned in our far-reaching Facebook Live conversation with Mysteryvibe co-founder and CEO Soumyadip Rakshit and director of Fueled, Rob Palmer, this little statement really reached the heart of what they’re doing with their game-changing Crescendo vibrator.

Crescendo Vibes

If you’re not familiar with the Crescendo, it’s a truly innovative (and powerful) little toy that bends and adjusts to your unique shape, letting its six motors hit all those sweet spots exactly how and when you want. As if having a little fun wasn’t a good enough reason to create a better vibrator, Mysteryvibe’s team is really hoping to crash many of the stigmas surrounding sex and sex toys.

Specifically, they want people to know that sex isn’t a topic reserved for hushed tones in back rooms, and that both women and men can use the same toy together to reach new levels of pleasure. Reaching this goal took a whole load of users—more than 1,000 of them across 50 countries—collaborating with Mysteryvibe’s team to make a truly user-centric product. What surprised them the most was that regardless of nationality, sex, or race, the users who were kind enough to respond generally had similar desires and observations to share.

Mystery Vibe from The Smalls on Vimeo.

To put all that feedback into action and to give the people what they want, Mysteryvibe needed an app that helped connect users without getting in the way during playtime. So they teamed up with Fueled to create an app that puts you in control of your vibration strengths and patterns. Once you’ve found what works for you, you can queue up pre-set patterns that you can swipe through in the app in the heat of the moment without needing to watch the screen of your phone. And, if you’re particularly jazzed about the settings and patterns you’ve cooked up, you can share them with other Crescendo users through the app.

Don’t let all of the tech talk trick you into thinking the Crescendo was designed within anything other than pleasure and sexual wellness in mind, though. As Soumyadip told us, “the tech in sex is to distract you from the tech in your life.” And distract it does! Take it from sex blogger Kayla Lords, who, along with her partner, took the Crescendo for a spin and had a lot to say about it. You can read about how her first session went in her titillating review right here.

We’ve only really scratched the surface on what this wonderful toy can do. We encourage you to check out our Facebook Live interview above, and to learn more about the Crescendo here.

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