Desert Dreams

Channel the beauty of the desert at home

Summer is all about getting out and enjoying the sun and heat, and no place shouts “sunny and hot” more than the desert. There’s undeniable beauty in deserts across the world, but living there full-time is something only a hardy few can manage. So if you dream of the wide-open spaces and endless skies of the desert, but don’t dig sand in all of your stuff or can’t quit the creature comforts of a big city, you can deck the halls of your home with some cacti decor and enjoy the desert vibes no matter where you are.

Enjoy the view from one of America’s most famous desert locations, Joshua Tree, from home.

Low-maintenance and stunning, succulents are living, breathing pieces of the desert. They’re also a great plant for the person who has trouble keeping plants alive.

If howling at the moon is your thing, we have just the nail decals for you.

Cactus cookies—way more fun than they sound.

Keep track of how your little cacti are growing with this clever growth chart.


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