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Need a gift that you know the recipient doesn’t already have? Peruse these options, all available exclusively from Fab.

Bingo Bronson Plush

For the Broad City enthusiast in your life, this super soft Bingo Bronson plush is endlessly squeezable. Best of all, you don’t need to be having a psychedelic reaction to having your wisdom teeth pulled to hang with him.


Mini Pie Pan Set

The days of pie-ownership confusion have officially come to an end. Know exactly who exactly gets the last slice of pie with this set of mini pans.

rob smith

Saint Robert Smith Tee

Make the Cure fan in your life’s eyes catch fire the way they should with this stained glass take on the Robert Smith and the rest of The Cure.

boy meets

Boy Meets World

If you, or someone you know, learned more from Mr. George Feeny than the rest of your teachers combined, this gorgeous homage by Joshua Budich is a must have this holiday season.


Boobeyes Pouch

For the person who appreciates a good play on words, it doesn’t get punnier than this eye-catching pouch.


Flamingo Rolling Pin

Let your favorite baker know just how much you appreciate their talents with this unconventional, patterned rolling pin. Also, if you’re real nice, gifting this rolling pin might fetch you some cookies as a thank you.


Le Petit Prince et son Asteroide

For the contemplative child in your life, or the adult who used to be a child with discerning tastes, this rare offset lithograph is a limited reproduction of the book’s gorgeous watercolor illustrations.


Color by Fab

Coloring books are all the rage this year, but you won’t find many nicer than this. A compilation of mind-blowing black and white drawings by some of our favorite emerging artists printed on high quality paper, Color by Fab is the older-sibling-with-an-art-degree to the books of your youth.


The Fab Bayer Exclusive

Needing a gift for that unique and special someone in your life? You won’t find anything more unique and special than this glitter-horned unicorn.


Fingerless Cat Gloves

You’re kitten yourself if you think someone wouldn’t love to get these gloves on their hands this holiday season.

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