Fab’s Holiday Sex Toy Gift Guide

'Tis the season to get it on

Why do we give gifts at the holidays, anyway? It’s not just that we all want stuff (though we do, kinda, don’t we?). It’s that we want to say to the people we care about, “I know what makes you happy, and I want you to be happy.” That goes double for people we’re romantically connected to, and maybe for you and your significant other, it goes triple when it comes to sexual pleasure.

Sex toys can make a great gift when you and your SO like to make each other happy through your bodies. As Monica McClure wrote in her astute history of sex toys for this blog, sex toys “are meant to enhance sensations that our bodies are already capable of feeling or making felt;  or do things we wish our bodies could do better, faster, slower, or longer.” To us, that sounds like a great way to bring peace on earth and goodwill toward all. So here are a few tips if you’re in the market for a special device for you special someone. (Psst, probably NSFW).

1. Check your list twice

Christmas is a time for reflection, so before we go further down this gift path, let’s reflect. Is there, in any way, even the tiniest voice in your head saying, “Maybe I shouldn’t be buying this person a sex toy”? If so, please, LISTEN TO THAT VOICE. This is about making someone (someone you know very intimately) feel good in a way that they’ve explicitly said they want to feel good, ok? To that end, even if your conscience is giving you the green light on gifting a toy, think about what kind of experience your partner has had with sex toys. You and your significant other don’t necessarily need to start this journey together with something that runs on 18 D batteries and sounds like a chainsaw.

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2. Safety first

One last PSA before we start talking about fun stuff. The sex toy industry is unregulated, so there are a lot of companies out there making products with questionable materials that might foster bacteria or leach chemicals. Ew. All of the toys we sell at Fab are made of body-safe materials (we’re particular fans of luscious, luscious silicone). But if your quest leads you elsewhere, as a rule, look for toys made out of the same materials used to make kitchen products: glass, stainless steel, 100% silicone, and sealed wood.Adult post 13. Versatility is key

OK, now let’s start thinking about how to get your SO’s bells jingling all the way! Unless you’re shopping for someone with a very specific wishlist, the first principle of sexy gift giving is versatility. The whole point of this gift is to broaden the spectrum of pleasure, so look for toys that have several speed settings and vibration patterns, for instance. You can also look for thoughtful design elements that hit a bunch of different erogenous zones, often simultaneously. There are even toys designed to flex and fit the unique shapes and desires of different bodies and body parts. Add to that a waterproof construction that allows for underwater pleasure, and you’re well on your way to finding the gift that keeps on giving.

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4. O’s on the go

If you and your SO are forced by the hustle and/or bustle of modern living to spend long stretches apart, a toy can be a great gift for keeping close physical connection over the miles. If you’re asking someone to go through TSA with your gift, however, you might consider a smaller toy with an unassuming form, like the Je Joue Mimi. It’s also basically a matter of 21st-century common courtesy to get a toy that’s rechargeable, rather putting your giftee in the position of desperately needing to find fresh batteries in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar town.

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5. The future of play

Beyond common courtesy, there’s a whole new world of app-enabled fun to be had. Whether you’re separated by miles or, well, nothing, toys like the Je Joue Dua provide great couple’s fun via remote control or app. Yes, this is a present for your SO, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just a little fun for you too, right?

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So, with those tips in mind, here’s wishing you and your partner a Christmas that comes far more than once a year!
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