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We here at Fab are excited to announce Fab Insider, a new program designed to reward you every time you make a purchase or interact with Fab. You’ll receive points for every dollar you spend on Fab, which you can redeem for discounts on your purchases! Fab Insider is set up in tiers, and when you reach a new tier by earning badges you’ll be able to enjoy perks like deeper discounts on sales, a lower threshold for free shipping, and exclusive access to content. We know you’re going to love Fab Insider, and we encourage you to follow along here as we detail the tiers and the badges included in them.

Tier_0You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere in Fab Insider is Tier 0. While that might sound like a hot new club with a line around the block or some Blade Runner-esque street market, it’s really more like the entryway to savings and rewards just for doing the things you’re doing already.

Once you’re logged in to your Fab account, you can view the finer points of the Fab Insider Tiers by clicking the link at the top of the page, then by clicking Rewards on the next page. If you’re a new Insider, your Tier ) page will look something like this:

Tier 0

You’re rewarded badges for completing certain tasks within each tier. Once you’ve ticked off a task, the little icon on your Rewards page will go from blank to colorfully filled in.

To move from Tier 0 to Tier 1, you’ll need to collect 5 badges. Luckily for you, these are all super easy to earn, and you can level up the next the first time you make a purchase.


This one’s a freebie! By logging in to your Fab account, you’re enrolled in the Insider program and will have this badge right away.


Pretty straightforward. Enter your birthday to earn the badge, and receive something special on your big day.


We encourage you to save items to lists for later viewing. We did a walkthrough of how wishlists work recently, which you can find here. Please note that your old lists won’t carry over to the Insider program, so you’ll need to make a new list and add ten items to it to unlock this badge.


Very simply: Log in to your account and place an order to unlock this badge. Since this is a new program, your old order history won’t carry over, but any purchase you make moving forward will unlock this badge.


Download and log in to (or just log in if you already have it) our app on your iOS or Android device and you’ll receive this badge.


You’ll be able to earn these in every tier of the Insider program. For every purchase of $50 or more you make you’ll receive one of these badges. Placing a $100 order? That’s two badges for you. Going big with a $250 order? You’ll receive five cash badges and level up right away.

That’s it for the move from Tier 0 to Tier 1! We’ll be back soon to let you know more about Tiers 1, 2, & 3 and all the fun goodies included in them.


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Start Earning Rewards

Start Earning Rewards