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Hot chocolate, 5 ways.

Give us all the hot cocoa this season. We’re more than a little gaga for these hot cocoa sets by Stick With Me Sweets, a delightful chocolate shop and confectionary in NYC’s Soho, run by former Per Se patissier Susanna Yoon. We were so excited to bring you her delicious confections (for a limited time!) that we started tinkering away with different takes on our favorite seasonal beverage.

Here’s how you take your hot chocolate game to the next level.

1: Classic


What could be more classic than a mug of hot cocoa with a marshmallow topper? For the purists among you, the Stick With Me Sweets hot cocoa set comes with a decadent, vanilla-flecked cocoa mix and handmade marshmallows to boot. Pro-tip: use an immersion blender to mix your cocoa for a perfectly frothed drink, then pour into a Kinto mug that’s made for an ideal sipping experience.


2: Boozy


What isn’t better with a wee nip of bourbon? We combined cocoa, warm milk and bourbon in a luminous glass espresso cup and topped with a spoonful of whipped cream. The finishing touch? We slipped in a Stick With Me Sweets caramel, which melted gently into the warm cocoa for a grand finale of a last sip.


3: Spicy


Sometimes sweet and soothing just won’t cut it—that’s when you call in the chili powder. For our spicy hot chocolate, we combined cocoa, a pinch of red chili powder and warmed almond milk, plopped on a dollop of whipped cream and finished with a curl of orange peel and a further sprinkling of chili powder. Serve in a mug with just the right amount of snark.


4: Tropical


Banish the cold-weather blues by heading to a tropical paradise, hot cocoa-style. Combine cocoa, warmed coconut milk and a shot of spiced rum in your mug. Top with a cinnamon stick, a little dollop of whipped coconut cream, and a scattering of dried banana slices. Bliss!


5: Autumnal


Season of mists and mellow chocolatiness, autumn in America means one thing: pumpkin spice. Our take on the most unavoidable taste of fall gets a little more creative: simmer cocoa, a few cracked cardamom pods, pumpkin pie spice and milk until fragrant, then strain into the mug of your choice. Top with a sculptural crown of maple cotton candy, though be warned—that floss will dissolve almost immediately, turning your drink into a maple-scented delight.


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