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5 fantastic plants for your bathroom.

It doesn’t take much to turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise. There are plenty of plants that thrive on the humid, warm environment of your bathroom. Here are some of our favorites plants to freshen up the air and beautify your loo.

Staghorn Fern

Low on surface space in your bathroom? This awesome fern resembling antlers looks fabulous hanging in your shower or mounted on the wall. This epiphyte, which can grow without soil, thrives on humidity and enjoys sunlight. A stellar addition to a sunny bathroom.


Naturally found in the rainforest, orchids will flourish in your tropical bathroom. Indirect sunlight and high humidity are the perfect conditions for this sometimes-finicky plant. Plus, you’ll love gazing at these beautiful, intricate flowers when you’re sitting on the can.

Air Plants

If your bathroom gets decent sunlight, air plants are an excellent choice. These spiny, succulent-like plants live freely in the air. They’ll love the humidity of your bathroom, though don’t forget to mist them from time to time. Place them in mini planters, hang them in front of a window, or turn them into jellyfish for a whimsical ocean feel.

Redwood Stoneworks Geo Trio

IN.SEK Hanging Planter

Jellyfish Air Planter by Makerskit

Aloe Vera

This luscious succulent needs some sunlight, but burns under too much light. It doesn’t need much water—The moisture in your bathroom is enough to keep it content. What’s more, it doubles as a medicine cabinet. The cooling gel from this plant is great for scrapes and burns.


Want to try something different in your bathroom? How about a terrarium? Terrariums are low-maintenance, self-watering ecosystems that require minimal care. They do well in a shady spot, so are perfect for a low-light bathroom. Place them on your bathroom counter and mist them every 2-4 weeks. These playful moss terrariums from Twig will give you something to smile about when you’re brushing your teeth.


Gentle Reminder Terrarium

Grazed & Confused Terrarium


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–Katie Fowley

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