Hot Buttered Rum

Hot ButteredRum

Stay toasty!

This ultra-modern take on hot buttered rum was designed for Fab by award-winning bartender Gn Chan, whose affinity for rum is so strong that he’s competing in this year’s Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition with a rum-based cocktail of his own invention.


Gn’s Hot Buttered Coffee cocktail presents you with the ideal way to warm up by the fireplace—or turbo-start a festive morning.

The combination of coffee and butter will be familiar to anyone who follows the Bulletproof coffee movement, and Gn’s genius addition of rum and sweet sherry makes for a sweet yet balanced treat.

Here’s how to make your first batch.


Hot Buttered Rum

You’ll need:
45 ml  rum
10 ml sweet sherry
200 ml hot coffee
1 cm cube of sweet butter

Makes 1, but is easily multiplied.

  1. Combine rum and sherry in your favorite mug.
  2. Add hot coffee.
  3. Add your little knob of butter and stir, just a bit—you want to have the pat melt slowly as you drink.
  4. Cheers!


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