Like Instagram for Audiophiles

Like InstagramFor Audiophiles

Savor the sound around you with Kapture.


“Want to try out a new invention called Kapture that will record all the funny things you say?” I asked my 4-year-old son, Archer.

“Will everyone in the world be able to hear me?” he asked.

“Anyone who is interested can listen,” I said, since Kapture does have a social media platform.

In his squeaky little voice, he quipped, “I’m going to be the biggest star of the world! I just might live in a castle!” My Kapture device hadn’t arrived yet, but if I’d been wearing it, I could’ve shared that sound bite with you.

This watch-sized block of a recording device is enclosed in a white or black silicone wristband, which you can glam up with a gold or silver metallic grill. It continuously records the world around you in 1-minute loops, saving only when you tap the device twice. It then sends the last 60 seconds of recorded audio to the Kapture app on your smartphone. (It’s iOS and Android-compatible.) From there, you can edit the length of your sound clips, or “Klips,” as the Kapture folks call them, and share them with other users.


There’s no guarantee that your Klips will make you the biggest star of the world or a future castle-dweller, but Kapture may change the way you listen and help you live in the moment in a way you haven’t before.


 If Instagram has ever inspired you to pause and photograph a multi-hued sunset or a garden in full bloom, then Kapture may encourage you take a break from the grind of your daily commute to record a subway musician’s heartbreaking saxophone riff just as your train rolls in. Maybe you’d record the clanging of spoons against coffee cups, the laughter and the musical din of conversation at your favorite cafe. I wish I’d had my wristband a few weeks ago when I saw Craig Finn of the Hold Steady play a secret solo show because I could’ve Kaptured the funny story he told before he began to strum my favorite song.







mighty Archelon”

And if you’ve got kids, Kapture is the only way to preserve those strange, precious and impossible-to-repeat things they say. I recorded the made-up pizza jingle Archer belted out when the doorbell rang the other night.  I recorded his little sister Ramona’s laughter and squeals when she saw him first thing in the morning. I was able to save a bizarre lullaby he sang to me, and I saved a snippet of the lullaby I sing to him every night, with him cutting into the last verse to announce, “I think I’m asleep already!” I wish I’d had a wristlet during our weekend trip to the Catskill Mountains, as we sat on our dark deck listening to the orchestra of chirping crickets, and Archer said, “Mommy, do you like courtship? Do you like displays? Then you must love this because this is a courtship display.”


The only kaveats to using a Kapture device? It does pick up a lot of background noise, so it works best in a quiet place. Some of Archer’s one-liners were hard to hear over the hum of the air conditioner or the buzz of the city streets outside. Also, it takes some practice to master the double-tapping, which requires a couple of serious finger slaps at a particular rhythm. (The Kapture Facebook page suggests mimicking the bah-bah-bahs in “Sweet Caroline.”)




I’m not sure if the world will want to tune in to my off-key lullabies or the high-pitched musings of my preschooler, but the social media aspect of Kapture may blow up if celebrities get on board. Personally, I’d like to hear snippets of dinner conversation in the home of my favorite comedian couple, Megan Mullaly and Nick Offerman. Or imagine Jay Kapturing Bey as she sings in the shower. If you think about all the high-profile personalities who’ve gotten way on board with Twitter and Instagram, the idea isn’t so far-fetched. And if you want to be among the first to Kapture the sound around you, this is your chance.

–Kara Zuaro

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