Make Your Wedding Pop

Make Your WeddingPop

5 tips for the best day ever.


It’s here. That Best Day Ever you’ve been dreaming of, planning for—and at times losing sleep over. Well, rest easy. We’ve compiled five pretty & easy ways to make your wedding one that will be remembered as thoughtful, unique—and, above all, totally awesome.

1. Flowers for Everyone!


This is a super easy way to make everyone at your wedding feel special, too. By crafting a DIY flower station where guests can stand out with their own corsage or boutonniere, you give a festive activity to your nearest and dearest while at once making them a noticeable part of the celebration. Ask your florist for extra snips of the flowers you’re using, or cut some wild flowers yourself and add a basket of ribbons and pins—it’s an inexpensive (and beautiful) but unique way to celebrate the day.

2. Lounge Area

Dancing and formal tables are for the birds. Make your guests feel cozy and chill with a small area other than the dance floor and their assigned tables. Depending on your venue and your budget, there are many options here. Move antique couches and comfy chairs into a parlor seating area, plop down a couple beanbags, or make a pillow pile. These pillows make a cozy informal seating space, or add a personal touch to benches or couches. Our favorite part? When it’s all over you’ll have pillows to punch up your home that have sentimental meaning to share in the memories long after you’ve taken your wedding duds off.


Alexandra Ferguson pillows

3. Boozy Place Cards

A lot of weddings have a signature cocktail—get your party started off right by giving your thirsty guests a taste while they find their tables. This will cut down on congestion at the bar, and give everyone a chance to try your “Mint-to-be-Mojito.” Make tiny flags out of straws or bar stirrers and stick those in the drinks with people’s name on them. (Or skip that altogether and tie them around tiny nips of alcohol or mini champagne bottles.) Finally—a wedding that gives the people what they want!


4. Make a Splash

Lawn games are fun – but if your crowd is more hit-it-and-quit, than shuffle board or corn hole, this alternative game of darts will definitely hit the nail on the target. Guests throw darts at balloons that are pinned to a canvas and filled with different paint colors. When the night is over, you’ll take home an abstract work of art made by everyone you love in the world. What’s better than that?


5. Keep it Personal

Sometimes the most impactful aspect of a wedding doesn’t have to do with the gigantic cake or the vintage car you ride away in, but the people you ask to get up there with you. Did you meet through a mutual friend? Ask that person to marry you. Do you have musical family members or friends? Ask them to play the guitar while people are finding their seats and when you walk down the aisle. Personal touches make your wedding feel warm, cozy and heartfelt – just like you.

–Ri Kennedy