Meet Darlinda

For Pride, we’re featuring some of our fab friends from the LGBTQIA community. Follow along as rainbow unicorn Darlinda struts her stuff around Coney Island.

Photography by Jane Kratochvil for Fab

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by visual art, nature, color, and other performance artists such as Taylor Mac! In the fall, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music at St Ann’s Warehouse; it was extremely inspiring, in both the community that it created and empowered me to keep creating art in a time when it is SO IMPORTANT TO RESIST!

Why are circus and burlesque performances important forms of self-expression for you?

In a world where artistic expression is either commodified for capitalistic gains or used to objectify the artist, it’s important to create art that inspires people to love themselves. Self Love is revolutionary!

Where is your happy place?

My Queer and Artistic Community.

Complete this sentence. When I ____, I feel fabulous.

When I wear lots and lots of color, I feel fabulous.

How do you show pride?

Everyday, I try to be an ally. I wear rainbows as MUCH as possible. I’m open about my sexuality, in a time where the government literally erases the LGBTQ community from their website, I feel the deep need to be OUT AND PROUD EVERY DAY!