Meet Shane

For Pride, we’re featuring some of our fab friends from the LGBTQIA community. Here, Shane sashays through the concrete jungle and into our hearts.

Photography by Jane Kratochvil for Fab

Who or what inspires you?

I’ve recently been inspired by dancing in Virtual and Augmented Reality. I’m craving a creation period with dance and VR. I’m excited by the possibilities of matching technology with dance and movement, and ultimately teaching dance and storytelling through tech channels. Long ago, actors would flood fields in order to reenact boat wars for people who wanted to watch.  I’d love to tell stories in VR through dance and theater. You’d be in the dance, you’d be in the story. The moment is absorbed and it becomes yours. I’m inspired to share dance that way with people. I could play and create in a VR space all day.

Where is your happy place?  

Generally, I’m happy most places I go. I feel lucky that Dance has taken me all over the world. I’m happy with good music and a dance space. Or a long bike ride through the city.

Why is dance an important form of self-expression for you?

Dance is a special language to keep close to. Everyone has their own personal groove that they should find and investigate. You can freely move how you feel and be unique. I’ve never stopped dancing. From my baby bounce when I was little to stages to kitchens while I cook and everything in between. I sometimes even dance on my bike. I can’t help it. If you feel stuck, you should toss away your shyness and let yourself move. There’s no wrong way to dance.

Complete this sentence. When I _____, I feel fabulous.

Cook a fierce meal.

How do you show pride?

I show pride by allowing myself to just be me. No holding back. I show pride in the love I share with others. I’m also happy to share that my boyfriend and I met during Pride. We’ll be celebrating 2 years together this Pride weekend!

Get to know Shane better, and watch some of his finest moves, here.