New Year,New Gear

Out with the old, in with the new, right? From picking up a new (hopefully good) habit, to finally updating your wardrobe and tech from the stuff you’ve been hanging on to for years, 2017 is a mighty fine time for you to make a few changes.

Follow along to see some of the new Fab products that have us super jazzed heading into 2017.

Milano Lomo’Instant Set + Film, by Lomography

milano cameraBring an instant camera to the next part you go to and see how quickly you become the center of attention. There’s a thrill to being able to print your snaps rights away; you can call it instant gratification, we’re just going to call it good clean fun. The folks at Lomography have a handful of new designs to choose from, including the beautifully colored and patterned Milano.


We’re mildly fully obsessed with Brooklyn-based artist J. Morrison’s extremely gay, extremely righteous HOMOCATS. The colorful kitties may be cute, but they’re out to combat harmful stereotypes, tackle phobias, and promote equality. Hilarious and purposeful—we can get behind that.

VENTURA Wireless Headphones, by TRNDlabs

ventura headphones

No matter how hard you try, the 3.5 mm plug on your headphones isn’t going to fit into the the lightning port on your new iPhone. You can rely on a dongle—and be a person who needs to use the word “dongle” frequently—or upgrade to those new-fangled wireless headphones the kids are raving about. TRNDlabs makes some of our fave wireless options that also offer superior sound. Best of all, you can go on and forget about the word dongle.

Yoga gear from Yeti Yoga

Maybe you’re following through on your 2017 fitness revolution resolution,  or maybe it’s time to ditch the dingy old yoga mat of yours for something fresher and less funky selling. High quality and stunning mats, towels, and straps are the name of game for Yeti Yoga. If you’re looking to continue a good habit with a new mat, or step up your game with some new toys, we’ve got you covered.

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