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Add some Greenery to your life

Since the dawn of the 21st century, Pantone has selected and named a Color of the Year. This color, announced near the end of the calendar year, is determined after an exhaustive examination of trends and attitudes throughout the world. Observed on high fashion runways to automobile assembly lines, and culled from political and cultural discourses, Pantone searches for a color to define both where we are currently and where we hope to be in the year ahead.

This year, Pantone has selected Pantone 15-0343 as Color of the Year 2017.

pantone greenery 2Courtesy of Pantone

Oh, you’re a little fuzzy on Pantone’s comprehensive color classification system? In layman’s terms, Pantone 15-0343 is called Greenery, and is what Pantone describes as a “yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.”

Possibly the most “natural” color that could be selected, Greenery represents reinvigoration and renewal, something we all aspire to at the start of a new year filled with promise we may yet be able to see.

In celebration of both a new year and color inspiration, we’ve gathered a selection of items you’ll find on Fab that we think best in embody the look and spirit of Greenery.

The Land in Iksey, by Kijiermono

land of iksey

Start of a year of reinvigoration off by sprucing up the walls of your home. Kijiermono’s work filters natural landscapes through a near-surreal lens to produce stunning illustrations. The placid fields nestled between verdant mountains  call to mind the renewal and rebirth that Greenery calls to mind.

Moonrock In Ear Headphones, by Moshi

moonrock headphones

If you’re looking for renewal on a smaller scale, replacing your earbuds with the fraying cords or blown drivers with a fresh pair is a great start. They’re comfortable, sound fantastic, and come in a yellow-green hue that just shouts “Greenery!”

Tumbler Set Of 4 Green Opal, by Mosser Glass

tumbler set green opal

Does your drinkware needs a refresh? If so, this tumbler set may be the place to start your overhaul. Beautifully colored and sporting a textured outer design, there isn’t a drink we’ve that doesn’t look outstanding when poured in this glass.

Eela Nonstick Cookware, by Neoflam

eela nonstick set

We all own nonstick pots and pans that aren’t quite living up to their name, so this 5 piece set in a vibrant green hue is the refresh your scrambled eggs and long-simmering soups have been waiting for.

Yoga Joes Figurines, by Brogamats

yoga joes

These peaceful soldiers are a fantastic reinvention of the plastic heroes of your youth. In repose on your shelf or braving the harsh elements of the stovetop (don’t pretend you didn’t deploy your troops there at least once), the Joes take the Greenery ethos to heart.

Welcome to Paradise 3, by Brian Biles

welcome to paradise

Do you find renewal and reinvigoration while shaking your thang? Then let Brian Biles’ “Welcome to Paradise 3” be the constant call on your walls to reinvent yourself on the dancefloor.

Lunch Pot Set of 2 Lime, by Black+Blum

lunch pot set of 2

Packing your lunch every day instead of dashing to pick it up during work might not be the most glamorous renewal, but if your bank account could talk we’re sure it would have a different take. This pair of partitioned lunch pots have two containers to keep your foods from jumbling together, and stack neatly and securely so you can tote some soup with a renewed peace of mind.

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Shop #Greenery