Pop Kween: 360° of Fab

Introducing our new 360° experience.

Today at Fab we’re super excited to announce the launch of our second 360° virtual shopping experience: Pop Kween.


The Pop Kween celebrates female-identity politics and power. Inspired by the term “kween,”–a term used to show affirmation, approval, and endearment– the campaign honors an unapologetic feminist spirit.

The experience was developed with brilliant new media artist James Orlando, whose work has been featured in Vice and Nylon, and who we interviewed late last year. Speaking on the subject of the new experience, Orlando said, “Pop Kween is for the KWEENS out there! [The vibe is] very much girls just wanna have fun.

Consider Pop Kween a virtual gallery where you can garner inspiration, enjoyment, and and discover 59 fun + fierce products! Pop Kween is the second virtual experience in the series, “360º of Fab,” following Fab Fresh.  Here at Fab we constantly strive to delight to our customers and offer cutting-edge experiences in the world of design and beyond. Enjoy!


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