Glammed-up gift wrap.

Part two of our gift-wrap round-up takes a holiday tradition and luxes it up—a lot. Instead of a stocking stuffed with ho-ho-hum trinkets, we decided to go glam with giftable metallics. Result: sparkle party! We think this would be a particularly festive treat to wake up to suspend from a ceiling, mantelpiece or even a tree. 

Here’s what you do to get the look:
1) Procure a diamond-shaped piñata so shiny it’s basically a geometric disco ball
2) Find stocking stuffers worthy of the name: we’re partial to these holographic nail decals and a few shiny pieces of jewelry, in keeping with the sparkling theme
3) Wrap in metallic, glittering paper; add tassels and shiny ribbons
4) Fill piñata. We had to (carefully) enlarge the opening of ours with an x-acto knife, because some of the gifts we’d wrapped were too big to fit otherwise. If you decide to do this, be gentle!
5) Add confetti, gift at will. Happy wrapping, you superstar!


Come back next week for part three of our gift-wrap extravaganza—complete with downloadable gift tags.

–Kendall Lock & Rawaan Alkhatib

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