Travel Like A Boss With Octovo’s Jet Set Essentials

Travel LikeA Boss

Jetset essentials by Octovo.

Octovo’s lust-worthy, elevated travel goods and accessories are true adventure essentials. Their precise and lasting travelers’ tools all feature the brand’s signature blend of minimalist design and rich color.

“Elevate the everyday excursion”—Octovo

Octovo’s wallets, bags, portfolios and other products are all made of lush vegetable-tanned leather (aka: the best kind). They’re meant to acquire a patina with age, a way to show off the places they’ve been and the experiences you’ve shared.

We sat down for a quick chat with the founders.

How did Octovo get its start?
Octovo began because of our love of travel—and a lack of stylish, quality travel accessories. For example, a practical bag or wallet isn’t necessarily stylish while pretty bags and wallets are often hard to use. Octovo makes beautiful timeless travel accessories that are also practical.

Where are you located? Where is production, if it’s in a different place?
Octovo is designed in San Francisco, and our products are made in China with Italian leather.

How did you learn your trade?
We are constantly learning and improving our designs. We live and breathe design and our mission, whether we create wallets, a comb or a bag, is to make sure it has a purpose. We have a sewing machine in the office and we are constantly working with our hands to create the best style and shape using fabrics that we spend time sourcing.

Which famous figure, living or dead, would you most love to find out is a fan?
We would love Jack Kerouac to be a fan. He understands the lure of travel and adventure that Octovo embodies.

What’s your legal drug of choice?
Floating above the ocean on a surfboard allows us to escape the world. That’s what inspired us to create a line of high-end handmade surfboards.

What 3 things would you grab from your workspace/studio in a fire?
The traveler’s essentials: passport, headphones and camera.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?
Well, we’re a travel goods company, we simply can’t pick one a single place– but we do love any big city for the culture, food, fashion and sense of mystery. We embrace the uniqueness of each destination, choosing a favorite is near impossible. London is cool, Tokyo futuristic and our very own San Francisco is simply beautiful.

If you couldn’t do this, what would your dream job be?
A world explorer, flying to around to unknown locations with a de Havilland Beaver plane.


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