For the person who has it all

Is your Aunt Peggy absolutely impossible to shop for? Not sure what to get for your office Secret Santa? Have a gander at our unexpected gift picks for this holiday season.

For the person who likes to set the mood

playbulb body

This isn’t your grandpappy’s lightbulb. Sync the Playbulb wireless speaker with your smartphone and manage the color and music of the room right from your mobile device.

For the person whose phone always needs more juice

unicorn blog

Have a friend who’s always clinging to the last, precious percentage point of their phone battery? Give them some peace of mind and make a dead phone as rare as the mythical beast this Unicorn charger is modeled after.

For the amateur baker looking to go pro

perfect bake

If you’ve ever doubled or tripled a cookie recipe you’ll know what a pain (and mess) it is to accurately measure five or six cups of flour. Give the baker in your life a push towards precision baking with the Perfect Bake PRO Smart Scale.

For the person who needs a break from a screen

disruptus anaxi

Turn off the TV, put down the phone, and settle in for some analog gaming fun. Perfect for adults, kids, and anyone in between, this pair of games offers hours upon hours of brain-teasing entertainment.

For the person with busy hands

ranta knit

Whether you’re looking to encourage a new hobby, or just trying to provide something to do, the Ranta Scarf Kit is the gift to give that person who gets a little stir crazy in the heart of winter.

For the caffeine enthusiast in your life


It’s time for your friend to ditch that old 4-cup drip machine they’ve had since college started and upgrade to this Chemex Coffee Maker. Elegantly designed and able to pump out a better cup of joe, this pour over coffee maker is a step in the right direction for the coffee connoisseur in your life.

For the young and young at heart

fab color

For the person who appreciated the simple pleasures of shading between the lines, or for the discerning young artist in your life, we’ve gathered mind-blowing pieces from some of our favorite emerging artists and packaged them all in one gorgeous coloring book.

For the plant lover with a not-entirely-green thumb

terrarium trio

A plant or two is the perfect way to bring some life into your space, but finding the perfect amount of light and water for your plant is often a tricky task. This gorgeous trio of terrariums house hardy succulents, which require minimal sunlight and sparing doses of water to thrive.

For the bare-walled movie buff


For the person in your life with drab walls and an affinity for cinema, Chungkong’s colorful, stylized movie posters are a visual nod to the devoted fans of many of the world’s favorite flicks.

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