Upgrade Your Adventures

UpgradeYour Adventures

How to pack like a pro.

It’s summertime, and the traveling itch is in the air. Maybe you’ve been planning your dream vacation for months, or maybe you’ve decided that you’re in desperate need of a spontaneous weekend getaway. Now comes the dreaded puzzle of packing—what to bring, how to carry it, how to prepare yourself for that monstrous 10 hour flight. Packing is no light matter (though we hope that your bag is!). We’ve got some tips on what to bring to ensure smooth sailing, wherever the wind takes you.


The first thing you need is the perfect bag—like this superb, lightweight, everyday backpack (1) by Swiza that’s perfect for an overnight getaway or daily excursions. Swiza, a Swiss company with over 110 years of experience, also makes a rugged, all-purpose suitcase: the Continuas Wheeled Duffel (2) is just about the perfect bag for any trip—whether you’re escaping to the Cape for the weekend or going on a month-long trek through Central Asia. This rolling bag is made of super-strong nylon and features an array of interior zippered pockets, compression straps, and a telescoping handle. Glide through airports with ease and save yourself from back pain. You’ll wake up ready for your white-water rafting trip down the Amazon.


A long, dry flight with intermittent sleep can leave you feeling like a dried-up prune by the time you hit the ground. You’ll want to freshen up before you head to the Venice Biennale or to meet your OKCupid date in the Jardin des Tuileries. And you definitely won’t want to open your suitcase to find that a bottle of shampoo has exploded all over your favorite dress.

These great toiletry bags will help you primp for your night out on the town and keep your luggage safe from unwanted drips.

The Atlas Toiletry Bag (1) from Hudson and Bleecker is a first-class travel companion. With a perforated cobalt-blue exterior, it contains two removable vinyl compartments, ideal for toiletries, and a pouch that can double as a wallet. Everything you need from a toiletry bag and so much more!

Your toiletry bag can be as fun as dressing up for a night of dancing in Barcelona. Say yes to yellow with this bright and cheery dopp kit (2) by Curated Basics.

The Tunis Sky Toiletry Bag (3) by Graymarket Designs  has an international flair to complement your travels. This sturdy cotton-canvas bag is made by hand using block-printing techniques in Rajasthan, India. It even features a lime-green tassel, made by a 4th generation tassel-tying family.


Are you dreading your long flight? We recommend bringing a portable charger, like this cool apple-shaped one by Apelpi (1). With all this power at your fingertips, you can rest easy and enjoy the ride.

This pretty, woven cable (2) by Eastern Collective will help you power up your favorite devices, so that you can pass the time by listening to music, playing games, or watching videos on your iPad.

Tired of listening to the crying infant two seats back? Don’t forget to pack some top-notch headphones. Rock out in style with these jewel-like beauties by Caeden (4)—and for a truly sublime experience, block everything out with the Zik 2 Noise-Canceling Headphones (3) made by Parrot and designed by the legendary Philippe Starck. You’ll sleep like a charm.


Even if you’re not flying first class, you can create a sense of first-class comfort in your seat.

Sit back and get some shut eye with the help of our very own Relax Sleep Set (1). With the soft eye pillow and comfy neck rest, you’ll be ready to head to dream land. Then, get cozy with these comfy and stylish socks by St. Ash (2)—they’re thick, plushy AND adorable.

Don’t forget to bring sunglasses! You’ll be closer to the sun’s rays up there in the sky. Think how marvelous the sunset will look in these red-tinted Dunbarr Sunglasses (3) by Spitfire Design.


Traveling can be chaotic, and you don’t want to be rummaging for your passport when you’re running late for your flight. These useful and stylish travel accessories will help you travel smoothly.

The only thing more stressful than getting to the airport is waiting nervously for your bag to appear on the revolving belt. Reduce the stress of a mixed-up bag situation and make a fun statement with the Not Your Bag Tag (1) by Owen & Fred.

This handsome dopp kit by Owen & Fred is the perfect place to keep important cards, notes, and phone numbers—who said they’re just for toiletries?

Stay sane and stylish with this ultra-chic and classic leather passport jacket (3) by Octovo or this sturdy, leather passport wallet (3) by Jack & Mulligan.


Afraid of flying? Have a little liquid courage—but not so much that you can’t find your gate!

The Square Flask (1) by Curated Basics is great for before-flight jitters and you’ll also love it when you reach your destination. Take it with you for an evening stroll along the Seine or a gondola ride through Venice.

Speaking of liquids, we know you love those complimentary glasses of wine, but don’t forget to stay hydrated! Seriously, it is super dry in those planes. Bring a refillable water bottle (2) and fill it up with that good H2O once you get through security.

Finally: don’t forget to bring snacks! We all know that airplane food sucks (check out our favorite new plane food hack here!). Clementines, apples, cheddar cheese, and chocolate-covered almonds are delicious choices.

Bon Chance and Bon Voyage!

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–Katie Fowley