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Art as voice.

Founded in 2013 by Liz Powers, ArtLifting empowers artists living with homelessness and disability by celebrating and promoting their brilliant work. Nick Morse, Grace Goad and Billy Megargel all live with autism and are nonverbal. They all express themselves through powerful, abstract paintings—art is giving them the voice to be seen and heard. Morse’s deft and delicate brushwork, Goad’s precise constellation of color, and Megargel’s swirling, celestial dreamscapes help define three distinct and growing bodies of work that challenge our notions of beauty, communication, and the life of the mind. Explore their work below.

Grace Goad

Jackson Pollock by Grace Goad

Nashville-based Grace Goad was diagnosed with moderately severe autism and severe speech/language disorder at age two, and began painting when she was four. Because autism affects the muscle tone portions of her grasp, her work is largely abstract. Her advanced use of color and composition has been highly acclaimed, and has been featured on The View and Al Jazeera America.

Artist Grace Goad
Artist Grace Goad


Billy Megargel 

A-453 by Billy Megargel

Boston-based Billy Megargel lives with autism and has barely uttered a word his entire life. Rather than speaking, Billy uses an arsenal of tools—brushes, paint rollers, bamboo salad utensils—to create modern expressive paintings that command attention with their physical and emotional power.


Artist Billy Megargel
Artist Billy Megargel

Nick Morse

NickMorse_Untitled4 (1)
Untitled 4 by Nick Morse

Nick Morse is student at Outside the Lines, a Medford, Massachusetts-based art program that assists artists with disabilities. Nick lives with autism and is nonverbal. Rather than speaking, he expresses himself through his powerful, abstract paintings.

Artist Nick Morse
Artist Nick Morse

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