Yas, Jams: The Music of Broad City

The Fab x Broad City playlist

Every time a new episode of Broad City kicks off with that countdown from DJ Raff’s “Latino & Proud,” you know you’re entering a world where the music is a much a character as Abbi and Ilana. There are, of course, the unforgettable musical moments: Abbi’s nude rendition of “Edge of Glory”, cashing a check for eight f**king thousand dollars in a Missy Elliot homage set to Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.” But beyond the big numbers, the show’s music supervisor, Matt FX deserves every last proper for building a sonic palette as brilliant and wide-ranging as New York itself.

So to celebrate our collaboration with Broad City, we’re featuring an epic playlist curated by Matt FX himself. We’re talking three hours of badass tracks that will get you through every part of your day, whether you’re picking up a missed package on North Brother Island, spending most of your workday on the toilet, powering through a shellfish allergy at a fancy restaurant, or asking the DJ at a rooftop rave if he can play some ’90s hip-hop.



Here are a few of the highlights:

Boss Bitch Anthems

Abbi and Ilana go ham on pretty much everything. And even when that doesn’t lead to a post-oral-surgery Whole Foods shopping spree or raging with Kelly Ripa, Broad City has no end of boss bitch anthems to suit these ladies’ unstoppable #hamness. You’ve got K Rizz’s “Yes Bitch,” which speaks for itself; “You Asked for It” by Slutever, which doesn’t have to say a word as it kicks your face in; even Sleater-Kinney’s “No Anthems” somehow gets you shouting “Yas queen!”

’90s Hip-Hop 4eva

Requesting ’90s hip-hop has become a foolproof recurring joke on Broad City. The idea that Abbi would jump up on a chair at a bar and shout, “Could you turn the music off please?” and then half-mumble, “Maybe when you turn it back on some ’90s hip-hop?” It just tells you something true about who she is. You don’t actually hear a ton of ’90s hip-hop on the show because the rights are 100% justifiably expen$ive. But on this playlist it’s like the DJ finally takes Abbi’s request for a solid block of Biggie, Missy, ATCQ, even Queen Latifah. Ladies first!

(Dead)Heads Up!

Speaking of songs you never actually hear on the show, last season we learned that Abbi was (is?) super into Phish, the Dead, and pretty much the whole trippy galaxy of jam bands. Maybe you think it’s a mercy those songs didn’t actually make it on the air? That that would be the equivalent of Abbi tossing her decades-old white-girl dreads at you? Well, too bad, cause this playlist isn’t ashamed of who Abbi was in the ’90s! These jokes don’t hit way, way too close to home for any of us at Fab! See, we’ll prove it, with a big ol’ crunchy chunk of spacey, noodly jams. So there.

Three Words: Ven. Ga. Bus.

Look, if this playlist is going to plumb the depths of Abbi’s psyche, it’s certainly not going to ignore Ilana’s. It’s pretty much just a fact that Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” is the bedrock of Ilana’s character. It’s arguably the spiritual core of the whole show. But remember when, at the end of season one, Ilana reveals that “that old guy” in the Six Flags commercial is at the top of her gross sex list. Then they dance like he does to “We Like to Party (The Vengabus)” the improbable Dutch sensation Vengaboys. Again, #sorrynotsorry this eurodance smash hit of 1999 is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of your life. That’s just what happens when Broad City and Fab get together.

If it’s any consolation, there are tons of other club bangers, glitchy edm trances, nerdcore pizza odes, and other tracks the defy classification. Defying classification is, after all, what Broad City does best. It’s why we love this collaboration so much. It’s weird. It’s big, maybe a little embarrassing sometimes. A little messy maybe. Mostly it’s just really, really fun.